Are you stuck in the middle of a transformation process? Do you ask yourself how you should start a challenging change initiative? How to remove barriers? Do you want to learn to identify your primary stakeholders and positive change catalysts? Do you want to spend time reflecting your role as a change maker?

What you will learn

We deeply belief that change makers who have a clear picture and a specific goal for their change initiative will be the ones shaping our future. The leaders of tomorrow will know how to build positive and powerful connections both with their collaborators and change initiatives. Because we believe that positive change will be created collaboratively.

This course will shape your understanding of your role as a change maker and show you the value of collaboration in a sustainable transformation process. You will learn how to engage people, build relationships and remove barriers. We will equip you with the tools and methods needed to create and implement new mindsets and processes. Grow through individual coaching and train your new skills by practicing with your peers.

How you will learn

We believe in experience based learning. This means we will provide the basic theoretical inputs and practical tips for your learning experience. After that, we want you to jump into action, exploring possibilites, discovering new ways of doing things and uncovering the best way for yourself. Our hosts and learning designers will accompany your group through the learning process and give valuable insights and hints.
We will observe, challenge and give feedback. We will encourage you to try out new things, leave your comfort zone and give feedback to one another. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and experiences to jump right into action.

Who you will learn from

Details to be announced in August. Sign up for more information below for a notification when things are settled!

When and where

November 2019 in Zurich.
Exact dates to be announced at the beginning of August. Sign up for more information below for a notification when things are settled!

Course language will be German.
The course will take place with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 people.


CHF 1'900 (Early bird price valid until August 5)
CHF 2’300 (Regular price after August 5)

The price includes all material and meals (excl. VAT)

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