Do you feel lost in the digital landscape and feel the need for a digital strategy? Do you want to embark your company onto a path of continuous innovation and digital transformation? Do you feel the need for a visionary mission that guides you through the next couple of years? Do you wonder how others manage to deliver one groundbreaking innovation after another?

What you will learn

We have a longstanding history of helping companies doing exactly that. And in this course, we will share our most valuable insights with you! Learn how the most innovative and valuable companies in the world manage innovation and what you can learn from them. And which parts of the innovation process are essential and practical for a small to medium enterprises in Switzerland.

We believe that true innovation can only happen from within a company, outsourcing the process is therefore no viable solution to us. We will equip you with the knowledge, tools and methods your team needs for innovative, visionary and customer centric thinking. You will learn how to ask the right questions. How to ideate, prototype and test ideas in no time. You will learn how to execute those ideas while staying true to their core through the concept of an MvP. And finally, you will understand what environment is needed for innovations to flourish.

How you will learn

We believe in experience based learning. This means we will provide the basic theoretical inputs and practical tips for your learning experience. After that, we want you to jump into action, exploring possibilites, discovering new ways of doing things and uncovering the best way for yourself. Our hosts and learning designers will accompany your group through the learning process and give valuable insights and hints.
We will observe, challenge and give feedback. We will encourage you to try out new things, leave your comfort zone and give feedback to one another. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with the skills and experiences to jump right into action.

Who you will learn from

Claudia and Christian both have a profen track record of successful digital innovation for national and international clients through their roles as strategists, consultants and managers at the leading Swiss digital agency Hinderling Volkart. Your experience in this course will be further enhanced by an international expert in the field of testing and prototyping who will be co-facilitating the course with us.

When and where

October 2019 in Zurich.
Exact dates to be announced at the beginning of August. Sign up for more information below for a notification when things are settled!

The course will take place with a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 20 people.


CHF 1'900 (Early bird price valid until August 5)
CHF 2’300 (Regular price after August 5)

The price includes all material and meals (excl. VAT)

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